Different Types of Herpes Explained

Herpes is generally divided into two classifications, HSV-1 or HSV-2 (herpes simplex virus). The former is the type of herpes virus that causes mouth sores while the latter causes genital herpes.

However, their location in the body is not an indication of what herpes virus type it is. HSV-1 may find its way to the genitals through oral sex (felatio, cunnilingus, anilingus) while HSV-2, if present in the genital area, may also be transmitted to other parts of the body such as in the face if it comes in contact with the blisters.

Different herpes pictures male are shown here to illustrate how these blisters form and how they look like in advanced stages.

Oral blisters usually start with a small red bump around the mouth. It starts with small red patches on the skin until it slowly forms an elevated patch of skin (papules). These papules will soon turn into pustules (papules which are filled with pus). As the virus infects a bigger portion of the mouth, more pustules will surface. These also have the tendency to link up with one another and build much bigger pustules

HSV-1 infection found on the mouth</p><p>In more serious cases of oral herpes, the blisters are much bigger and are filled with more pus-like substance (as seen in the herpes pictures male below). It generally interferes with eating, drinking, and other activities where the mouth or lips are used. In order to control the symptoms of HSV-1, doctors recommended oral antiviral drugs to treat the condition. Antiviral ointment is not prescribed for this type of herpes because topical ointments are not safe to be ingested.

Advanced stages of HSV-1 infection

Another type of herpes is the HSV-2 or genital herpes. From the name itself, this type of herpes is commonly seen on the human genitalia or the area surrounding it. This is a real cause of concern when engaging in sexual activity. The herpes virus can be transmitted easily upon skin contact. Hence, if the couple engages in any type of sex, the viral infection may infect the partner and may develop herpes blisters on the area that has come into contact with the herpes blisters.

Herpes on Genitals

Looking at the herpes pictures male above, using a condom could easily cover the area where the blister is. Wearing this contraception deters the transfer of infection while letting the couple engage in sexual activity.

Blisters Found on the Glans

The same is true with these blisters found on the glans. Make sure that any type of direct contact with these blisters are avoided (whether direct contact with the genitalia or indirect contact such as with the use of hands).

A word of caution. The area of the genitalia which is infected by herpes are not the only ones with blisters. It is possible that the surrounding areas are also infected, albeit no symptoms (i.e. blisters) appear so make sure to limit intimate contact with a person who has been diagnosed with herpes

Herpes Blisters on the Back

The symptoms of sexually transmitted diseases are expected to appear in the areas near the human genitalia. This is the popular notion among STIs but it is not always the case. In the picture shown above, the herpes infection infected a large area of the back because it came into contact with HSV. This is only one proof that viral infection can travel to any part of the human body. There are other herpes pictures male that can be searched online showing herpes blisters on different parts of the body.

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